NXT-2 Media Extends Bed Volumes

NXT-2 is a patented media which provides users with the lowest treatment costs per thousand gallons for adsorption technology. This is due to the high surface area of the media, which is often times greater than 250 m2/gram.  High surface area increases the medias capacity for arsenic adsorption and extends bed volumes.

In addition to the high surface area, NXT-2 is stable. Once the arsenic is bound to the media, NXT-2 will not release the bound arsenic in the event of pH upset. Release or “spiking” occurs when the pH of the water exceeds the zeta point pH of the media. NXT-2 has a high zeta point pH of 9.5 while many iron based medias have a zeta point of 7.8 pH. This stability reduces the potential to distribute water which has high arsenic concentrations  in excess of the EPA standard, due to loss of pH control.

For your smaller arsenic removal projects, NXT-2 is a cost-effective solution.

Learn more by downloading our technical bulletin here:  http://www.filtronics.com/literature/technical/media/nxt-2-technical.pdf