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 Our permanent media solution, Electromedia®, is the heart of Filtronics Pressure Filtration systems. Electromedia® is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals that outperforms any other filtration system available or other treatment methods like reverse osmosis, ion exchange or absorption. Filtering down to sub-micron levels, this remarkable material can filter up to 15 gpm per square foot – with other competing systems running at 3-5 gpm. For municipal and industrial applications that require high-flow parameters, Filtronics offers systems that treat 10 gpm to 20,000+ gpm. Our systems require a short, 4-minute backwash cycle.It's efficient and its permanent: no chemical regeneration or preparation of the media is required.

For plants operating with space restrictions, Filtronics systems have the smallest total footprint in the industry, therefore most of our systems can be installed in the equivalent of a standard 2-car garage!

Additionally, our Electromedia® never becomes contaminated. It is completely cleaned in our short backwash cycle, and has been created to last 2 to 4 decades, not the typical 5-10 years usually associated with filtration media. By using a reclaim system, you can reuse 99% of the backwashed water resulting in more cost and environmental savings.

Some of our original Filtronics systems are still running over 30 years later. And by exceeding regulatory standards, Electromedia® keeps your plant running clean, mean and green. Contact us about replacing your underperforming media with Electromedia® today!

Briefly covering the nine (9) Electromedia® (EM) media (EM) media:

EM-I Arsenic (As+3), Iron (Fe+2), Manganese (Mn2) & other Metal Removal
  A simple, compact filtration system that effectively removes arsenic, iron, manganese and other metals without the use of greensand or potassium permanganate. EM-I filters up to 15 gpm per sq. ft. with a single vessel system capable of flows up to 2300+ gpm.
EM-II Turbidity Filtration without Alum or Polymer
  Designed for applications where high quality filtrate for process water is required prior to reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization. Without the use of alum or polymer the system filters up to 15 gpm per sq. ft. with flow ranges of 30-2300 gpm simplex systems.
EM-III Heavy Suspended Solids Filtration
  Where space constraints preclude use of a clarifier, Electromedia® III removes heavy suspended solids from water having up to 200 ppm contaminants. This system is excellent for treatment of primary sewage after gross solids have been removed, car wash rinse waters and a number of irrigation waters filtering up to 5 gpm per sq. ft. with flow ranges of 10-750 gpm, simplex systems.
EM-IV Secondary Sewage Filtration
  This Electromedia® media filters properly treated secondary effluent waters containing suspended and settled solid of 50 ppm. The system uses no alum or polymer to produce filtrate qualities of less than 5 ppm and filters at 5 gpm per sq. ft. with flows ranging from 10-750 gpm simplex systems.
EM-V Turbidity Filtration
  This media effectively filters turbid river & canal water using alum as a coagulant in ‘direct’ filtration up to 10 gpm per sq. ft. with flows ranging from 20-1500 gpm.
EM-VI Heavy Metal Removal
  This media is used when you are exceeding your discharge limits for lead, zinc, copper, chrome or other heavy metals in situations when suitable water quality is desired for discharge to sewer or for recycling purposes. Filters up to 10 gom per sq. ft. with flows from 20-1500 gpm.
EM-VII Cooling Tower Side Stream
  This Electromedia® media removes suspended solids from cooling tower side stream waters. Filters up to 15 gpm with flows from 30-2300 gpm.
EM-VIII Sea Water Filtration
  This media filters suspended solids from sea water for applications such as aquariums, research facilities, brine water injection or desalinization pre-treatment. Filters up to 10 gpm per sq. ft. with flows from 20-1500 gpm.
EM-IX Fluoride and Arsenic Removal
  In certain situations where both arsenic and fluoride are prevalent, Electromedia® IX effectively removes fluoride and then blends back to achieve desired level. Through blending, chemical costs and initial capital investments are minimized. To remove arsenic, Electromedia® IX uses a fluidized bed reactor to reduce contamination to below required levels. Filters up to 10 gpm per sq. ft. with flows from 30-2300 gpm.


With Electromedia®, you can increase the loading rate up to 18gpm/ft2. This creates several distinct advantages over our competition:

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Take the first step, simply complete our online General Mineral Analysis (GMA) form which gives us the water quality and site profile. From that, we will be able to determine cost savings of utilizing Electromedia® in your system.

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