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Higher Filtration Rates Mean Better Results For Filtronics Customers

higher-filtration-ratesFiltronics has been ahead of the curve in terms of providing create, effective and cost efficient water treatment systems for city water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Higher flow rates and filtration rates in a water filtration system mean cleaner water in shorter operation times, which in turn makes your filtration system more cost effective. Filtronics customers benefit from:

With little operator involvement needed and a track record of dependability and effectiveness, Filtronics has seen their water treatment systems win awards for excellence for the municipalities and industrial entities that employ them. Filtronics waste water filtration systems are operating successfully in both small and large communities around the country, with a growing number of customers who are thrilled at the efficiency and cost effectiveness of these custom-designed systems.

Name a contaminant and you can believe it can be eliminated by a water filtration systems from Filtronics. This long-running and well-respected company offers treatment solutions for:

Why depend on a media filter than can filter only at 3.5 gpm per square feet when Filtronics can offer Electromedia®, which filters at to 10 gpm per square feet? And why settle for a system that requires 15 minutes or more for standard backflush when a Filtronics system can do the job in four minutes? Better flow and filtration rates mean better results, cost efficiency and smaller footprints on the environment, and at Filtronics such rates are standard procedure.

Make Filtronics your first and only call for potable drinking water or wastewater treatment systems that are custom-designed and state-of-the-art in every way. You’ll be thrilled at the results that come your way.

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