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 The NXT-2 patented technology was developed in cooperation between EP Minerals and the University of Nevada-Reno, to provide cost-effective treatment for the removal of arsenic from drinking water to less than 10 ppb to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. NXT-2 is a free-flowing, lanthanum-based mixed metal oxy-hydroxide media that was designed to provide maximum capacity through high surface area. The high surface area of the media, which is often greater than 250 m2/gram, increases the media's capacity for arsenic adsorption and extends bed volumes.

NXT-2 media


In addition to the high surface area, NXT-2 is incredibly stable. Once the arsenic is bound to the media, NXT-2 will not release the bound arsenic in the event of pH upset. NXT-2 has a high zeta point pH of 9.5, while many iron based medias have a zeta point of 7.8 pH. This stability reduces the potential to distribute water which has high arsenic concentrations due to loss of pH control.

Cost Effective

NSF certified

NXT-2's high capacity for arsenic (As) adsorption provides users with the lowest treatment cost per thousand gallons. The particle size and high surface area allow for a higher life and greater bed volumes (BV) before breakthrough.

In addition to arsenic, NXT-2 is effective for treatment of other contaminants including phosphate, chromium, selenium, fluoride, antimony, lead to name a few.


NXT-2 will not release bound arsenic in the event of pH upset reducing the potential that contaminated water will reach distribution. NXT-2 has been certified by NSF and meets TCLP requirements.

NXT-2 performance

We currently have two systems in operation in California performing beautifully. To obtain more information, download our data sheets or email us at If you have an immediate need, fill out our online General Mineral Analysis form and one of our sales engineers will get back to you within 24 hours.

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