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Oxidation Filtration

 The process of oxidation/filtration involves oxidizing soluble forms of iron and manganese to create insoluble compounds, then removing the insoluble precipitate through filtration.

In groundwater, which contains both iron and arsenic in their reduced forms, Fe(II) and As(III), the arsenic can often be removed in conjunction with the iron. Arsenic can be removed by two processes acting together: adsorption or co-precipitation. Iron and arsenic must be oxidized at the same time. For optimum arsenic removal, a chemical such as sodium hypochlorite is added to the water to oxidize the arsenic. The oxidized arsenic As(V) then adsorbs on the precipitated iron hydroxide, which is then removed by filtration. The efficiency with which arsenic is removed from the water depends greatly on the initial relative concentrations of iron and arsenic in it.

Filtronics’ NSF certified Electromedia® V oxidation/ filtration media is highly stable and has high catalytic and oxidation activity with superior handling properties and stability. It requires no permanganate or coagulate to be added. Some of the advantages of our Electromedia® Systems are:

To take the first step in getting a custom oxidation filtration system that meets your needs, simply complete our online General Mineral Analysis (GMA) to give us your water quality and site profile. Based on that information, we will be able to design a solution to address your situation, prepare a budget proposal, and arrange a pilot test.

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