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Pilot Study

 Filtronics “full scale” pilot units provide long term, real time field tests to collect data and document the treatability of the water source. In addition, the pilot test will verify the chemical oxidation demand, determine the chemical feed rates, electrical operating costs, and document the removal efficiencies. All tested water samples are sent to an independent laboratory for substantiation.

Filtronics uses the pilot test as a basis for the Filtronics System Performance Guarantee and provide us with all the information needed to accurately calculate the lifecycle costs to operate your system.

We have two size pilot units we set up for different contaminants and varied duration pilot tests.

Our 4 inch unit provides approximately 0.8 square feet of filter area and is used for flows less than 10 gpm. This pilot unit is generally use for short term tests (

Our 20 inch unit provides approximately 2 square feet of filter area and can be applied to flows of 10 to 30 gallons per minute depending on the application. The 20 inch unit is fully automated and used for long term tests (7+ days). Our technicians will set the unit up for proper operation and train the personnel who will operate the pilot plant for the rest of the test period. Full support is always available by phone. Sometimes there is an advantage to running a two week to six month trial of small scale equipment to collect data and document performance. This is particularly true when contaminants change because of production variables, season, process upsets, variable waste streams. In addition, it can help build confidence in operations personnel using a new technology at minimal risk or expense.

While in some states a pilot test is not required, it is highly recommended by Filtronics (no matter who provides your treatment equipment) that a pilot test be performed at your site. A successful Filtronics pilot test guarantees the performance of the full scale system.

Some applications where a pilot test is highly recommended:

If you are interested in a pilot test for your project, do not hesitate to call us or complete the online general mineral analysis form and request a pilot. Our highly trained sales team is available to answer any questions you may have at 714-630-5040.

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