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What are the advantages of your Electromedia® permanent filtering media for water and wastewater treatment?

waste-water-treatmentOur waste water treatment systems have an advantage over other contaminant removal and water filtration systems, namely the presence of our NSF certified Electromedia® permanent filtering media. In terms of media for the treatment of water and waste water this is the most effective water purification tool on the market, running at a higher flow and offering higher filtration rates than other filtration media. As the manufacturer of Electromedia® we’re eager to show how you’ll experience smaller environmental footprints, faster run times and lower costs when you choose Filtronics for your industrial or municipal water treatment and more effective arsenic removal and iron and manganese removal.

Look to Filtronics for the treatment of water, waste water and all your water filtration needs. Our industrial and municipal water treatment systems are highlighted by our Electromedia® filtering media, whose advantages include:

Water purification should never be cost prohibitive, and our waste water treatment systems are always as affordable as they are effective.

Filtronics wants to be your resource for industrial and municipal water treatment systems, and we’re proud to offer the most efficient and economical water filtration media on the market today. Day after day our water and waste water treatment systems filter contaminants and solids effectively and simply. And with services and processes for the treatment of waste water including not only Electromedia® but also NXT Absorptive Media, Envirowash backwash/Reclaim Systems and Membrane Systems we’ve got the tools you’ll need to get the water purification results you desire.

We’ve worked hard to create water and waste water treatment systems our clients nationwide can count on, and to continually upgrade the services by with which we approach the treatment of potable water, industrial process water and waste water. The more you learn about Filtronics the more you’ll know you came to the right place for water filtration.

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