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Do you count GE products as part of the water purification products you provide?

water-purificationFiltronics is a leading manufacturer of water purification systems for municipal water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, and is proud that we are now an authorized GE reseller and service company for GE Reverse Osmosis systems. From flow rates of five to 50,000gpm, we can customize a GE system to suit your needs. Our potable water filtration systems are used by clients nationwide for drinking water and well water treatment as well as wastewater treatment, and our custom systems will provide cost effective solutions for you. Look to us for the equipment you need to get the job done right, and let us work with you to provide a system that is up to the challenge.

We take our role as a manufacturer and supplier of water purification systems seriously, with potable water filtration and industrial wastewater treatment services and processes including:

When you choose our city/municipal water treatment or municipal water treatment systems you’ll experience:

Our status as a GE reseller shows how committed we are to our role as not only a manufacturer but also a supplier of the finest water purification systems available for potable water filtration and industrial wastewater treatment. We look forward to meeting with you, taking a close look at your needs and providing a municipal treatment system you can count on. Water purification systems are what we’re all about, and we’ll help make your water contaminant-free.

Few if any of our competitors can boast the state-of-the-art water purification systems we do, and as your municipal water treatment system supplier you’ll always find exactly what you need at Filtronics. Find out what countless clients have in regards to the state-of-the-art performance of our city water treatment systems. For a complete water analysis, fill out our online GMA form today.

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